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Harmony, Health
and Happiness
in your Hands

Learn how to use your hands to harmonize your entire being with the Art of Jin Shin.

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The Art of Jin Shin

It awakens individuals to their own unique expression and promotes growth and evolution, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Energy is the body’s vital force.

All body functions depend on energy flowing properly.

Stressful lifestyles disrupt energetic flow.

Stagnated energy can manifest as disease.

How to Practice

Your Learning Journey

Your learning pathway enshrines three streams that compose the learning journey into the Art of Jin Shin. Beginning with a discovery phase, you will increase awareness and understanding of your body’s innate knowledge and ancient wisdom. Continuing the journey, you comprehend the significance of fundamental aspects of the Art. A flourishing phase completes the learning journey, when a harmonious self is present, breathing and living the Wisdom of the Art of Jin Shin.

Blend of Methods

To bridge knowledge and skills in the application of the Art of Jin Shin, we blend live instructor-led sessions, videos, self-paced interactive courseware, podcasts, and discussion forums. The Jin Shin Guild Academy, a modern and intuitive virtual learning environment, provides an engaging learning experience. Learners choose the device of their choice, interact with the content, collaborate with peers, and communicate with instructors.

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Lead Instructors

Wayne Hackett and Carlos Gutterres are our lead instructors. They have several decades of experience practicing and teaching the Art of Jin Shin to thousands of people all over the world. Their teaching focuses on the incorporation of the philosophy of the Art of Jin Shin into one’s daily life.


We will continue sharing the magic of the Art of Jin Shin, which we have witnessed so many times. Let us foster the manifestation of our inheritance – that of a happy and healthy body.


We are the sole architects of our lives. We have the power to create a harmonious life. This is what the Art of Jin Shin tells us.

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