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Jin Shin Guild is an international non-profit organization based in Switzerland.

It consists of a group of people committed to studying, practicing and teaching the ancient Art of Jin Shin.

The primary aim is to keep the knowledge alive and pure, rooted in its philosophy, as rediscovered by Jiro Murai and brought to the Western world by Mary Mariko Burmeister.

Evolution is the Law of Life. In honoring this principle, Jin Shin Guild prepares new generations capable of continuing the dissemination of the Art.

Board Members

The Art of Jin Shin has been a central focus of Wayne’s life for over 40 years. For 30 years, he studied with Mary Burmeister. She will always be a great inspiration for him.
The journey started back in 1972, when his interest turned towards holistic health and education. Structural integration, the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, framed much of his early studies. Then, in 1977, he met Mary Burmeister who introduced him to Jin Shin Jyutsu®, the Art that shaped his life since then. Wayne has been traveling throughout the world and has introduced the Art of Jin Shin to thousands of students around the planet. 
Inspired by Jiro Murai’s mathematical calculations integrated into the Art of Jin Shin, Wayne has a particular fascination with the esoteric significance symbols (numbers) and their functions. Similarly, cosmic geometry (planetary relationships) is a passion he derived from the unique handout Mary Burmeister used to give to her students – the Answer Sheet, showing the human being as a reflection of the Universe. 
Wayne has specialized in the sciences and secondary education, being awarded a B.S. Ed degree. He has worked in both state and private institutions as a teacher/counselor. 
Currently, he lives on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii, where he continues to study and maintains a private practice in the Art of Jin Shin. 

Wayne Hackett


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