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The Approach

A learning pathway is a journey that learners take from the beginning of a learning experience to the moment they finish it. It is a learner-centered approach that starts with designed learning architectures that embeds choices for the learners. Learning Pathways are characterized by a range of learning activities that allow learners to gain knowledge, track their progress through digital evidence, and earn recognition along the way.

This approach presents a learning experience structured and sequenced into digestible chunks that focus on learning outcomes, enabling participants to individually navigate the knowledge they acquire and how to continue developing it. The Jin Shin Guild adopts Learning Pathways in teaching the Art of Jin Shin.

The Jin Shin Guild’s learning pathways offer groups of courses that enable learners to broaden their knowledge on the Art of Jin Shin. Through in-depth understanding of a topic, learners build and enhance their skills in practicing the Art of Jin Shin. This enshrines both theory and practice, catering to the importance of in-depth learning and taking into account prior knowledge and experience.

The Jin Shin Guild’s learning pathway is designed along a Wisdom Trinity. It enshrines three learning streams that compose the learning journey into the Art of Jin Shin. Each stream promotes learning outcomes that evolve onto a focus area of the Art.

Upon completion of a learning stream of the Wisdom Trinity, learners obtain a certificate. The certificate is a solid recognition and validation of knowledge and skills attained in the Art of Jin Shin.

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How Will You Learn?

You go through a wide range of activities that allow you to build your knowledge on the Art of Jin Shin progressively. Learning content is grouped together into digestible chunks and you receive guidance on how to make your choices to progress and to build upon each prior stage of learning.

Interactive self-directed courseware aids learners to access information. Learning is supported through flexible resources that learners can consult and return to at their own pace and time. Each Learning Pathway contains resources to watch, to read or to listen to, combined with opportunities to engage, to reflect, and to practice the Art of Jin Shin.

Through a flipped classroom model, you have activities before, during and after class. After completing the course and receiving certification, knowledge retention is supported, and continuous learning encouraged.

Lead Instructors

Wayne Hackett

The richness of the Art of Jin Shin is its philosophy. The focus of Carlos’ and Wayne’s teaching is the incorporation of this philosophy into one’s daily life. Their teachings transcend their own personal experiences. They bring together the real-life experiences of so many whose lives the Art of Jin Shin has transformed.

It was curiosity that brought the Art of Jin Shin into Wayne’s path and led him to one of Mary Burmeister’s classes in the late 70s. Years later, Mary Burmeister invited him to join her in studies that would prepare him to continue her teaching. Wayne delivered his inaugural class in 1990. Altogether, he has over 40 years of dedication to studying, practicing, and teaching the Art of Jin Shin.

Carlos Gutterres

Carlos has 25+ years of studying, practicing, and teaching the Art. He initiated his learning path studying with Wayne in 1995. After five years of intensive and dedicated studies, Carlos became an instructor of the Art and presented his first class in 2002.

Carlos and Wayne felt a sense of urgency to honor the message they have been teaching for so many years. It is a pressing need to be true to themselves; to be manifestations of the philosophy that roots the Art of Jin Shin. They are following their hearts and moving into a new way of BEing the Art through the Jin Shin Guild Association.

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