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Blend of Methods

It is well known that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to impart knowledge and skills. A blended approach, incorporating more than one method, is considered to be more effective to enable knowledge acquisition, retention, and application. Blended learning uses a variety of methodologies to deliver content. It enables a personalized experience that facilitates learning.

Jin Shin Guild has considered the methods and how they align with our goals to teach the what, the how, and the why of the Art of Jin Shin. Among the various modalities to bridge knowledge and skills, we blend live instructor-led sessions, video lectures, self-paced interactive courseware, podcasts, and discussion forums. With a modern and intuitive learning interface, the Jin Shin Guild Academy provides an engaging experience. Learners can choose how they want to interact with the content and communicate with instructors and peers any time on the device of their choice.

Instructor-Led Classes

Senior instructors facilitate classes (in person or online), switching between lectures, presentations, demonstrations, and hands-on practices to engage participants throughout the sessions. Participants also have real-time access to the instructor for discussion and immediate feedback.


Participants meet with senior practitioners, who act as facilitators, and primarily learn by interacting and engaging in discussions and hands-on activities. Workshops emphasize exchanges of ideas, problem-solving as well as practical application of knowledge, skills or principles. The intent is mostly to identify the project’s cause and recommend actions.

Discussion Forum

A discussion board on a selected subject or topic, organized centrally on a server, which allows groups to freely communicate, anywhere and anytime. Guided discussions are facilitated by senior practitioners and are a great way to share knowledge and to build relationships among those who want to deepen their knowledge in the Art of Jin Shin.


Short and simple web-based sessions where an instructor teaches a specific topic in the Art of Jin Shin to a limited audience. It might have limited interaction or be more collaborative and include polling sessions to allow full participation between the audience and the presenter.


Digital recordings of audio programs to allow learners to absorb information at their own pace, listening to it in a comfortable way.

Study Groups

It is an informal way for people to learn together. It provides an additional learning experience, engagement, and communication. Through study groups, participants can discuss what they are learning, help each other with difficulties, and share their ideas on how to practically apply the Art of Jin Shin.

Community of Practice

A voluntary group of peers and practitioners sharing common interests over a period of time. Members regularly engage in sharing and learning to improve their knowledge, skills, and behaviors in the Art of Jin Shin. The group leader and members collectively decide what works best in a given situation. They help each other develop competence, individually and collectively.

Discussion Panel

A small group of senior practitioners and instructors meet to discuss and to share their knowledge on a particular aspect of the Art of Jin Shin. It is held with an audience who is allowed to share views and ask relevant questions to the panelists at the end of the session. The discussion panel is normally composed of two or three panelists and the moderator, who facilitates the discussion, keeps its focus, encourages interaction and finally summarizes the ideas discussed. The senior practitioners can come from within or outside the Jin Shin Guild.


Knowledgeable and highly experienced senior instructors and practitioners work with or alongside a beginning instructor or practitioner. It is a structured relationship with clear planning for the type of support sought and the goals of the relationship. Experienced instructors and practitioners may also hone aspects of their knowledge and skills in partnership with a mentor.


Practitioners’ single or multi-day meetings convened to discuss the Art of Jin Shin and to inspire participants to be the Art.


Formal gathering of short duration, with members of the Association, designed with specific objectives to discuss matters related to the Art of Jin Shin.

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